How I make website?

In order to develop any kinds of Website, we follow various process and principals. I first design, develop and organize content and meet client requirements.


Web Design is a basic fundamental before making any kind of website. It's like a blue print of a website. Here, in the design process, I go through various process like colors, font, font-size, images, sections management, and various more.


In accordance with the market trends, development is the second part of web development. First of all, I choose our preferred programming language. Afterwords, I take the mock up or design and code the components simultaneously.


For any website, the content is the most important part. It states what the website or page is trying to deliver to the users. In web development content should be managed. it should be user friendly, accessible and also be informational.

From 2017 as a Web Developer

What clients say?

I am very lucky to work with many clients. I worked very hard and with all my efforts to provide them the best solutions.
Madan Panthi- CEO, Samrt Panda Solution

Madan Panthi

Consultant, Smartpanda Solutions

" Ram Sapkota, I love your system. Online marketing is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Keep up the excellent work."

Aaditya Sapkota | Client | Ram Sapkota

Aaditya Sapkota

CEO, Technovative Solutions

"Website design is both attractive and highly adaptable. Website design is worth much more than I paid. Website design was worth a fortune to my company. Ram I will recommend you to my colleagues."

  • Softech Infosys- Software Company of Nepal
  • Issaro - NGO of Nepal

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