What is Internship?

In common words, an internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period.  As a matter of fact, it is the primary stage of getting a job in the company. Hence, people will get an opportunity to learn and make themselves capable of the job.

You might also question me  about

Which companies provide internship for college students?

Which are the best companies to intern for engineering?

Which are the best companies to intern for business?


Yes, all your questions are correct. But, before you plan for an internship or even job. You must have dedication and passion. You may take a job as money earning platform. Still, this is not true.

We work for satisfaction also. You will realize that what you are doing is not making you happy. You are doing the job without any satisfaction.

However, we cannot get everything we love or like. If you take my example and follow some five steps than no one will stop you from success.

My experience to apply internship for the first time.

While I was a student learning Information Technology,  some of my friends were interning before joining the college. They were qualified and contributed to the software company. With this in mind, I was a bit jealous of them and I also thought of applying for the internship. With the intention of Internship, I went to a well-known software company and applied for the post. I was interviewed by the company and not to mention but I got rejected straight away. After the interview, I left the company and went straight home. I was humiliated because I even didn’t know some general terms in Information Technology industry. By the same token,  I created a list for preparing myself fit for any software company.

Similarly, I completed the targeted steps, figured best programming language and went on to the software company and applied for the internship. I was selected and hired straight for the job.

In addition, apply these 5 steps to get an internship or even job in any company very easily.

1.  Common Trends

Before even thinking about an internship, you must know the common trends in the market. You should have overall information on trends in the market. Even though you do not use Linux, have some basic knowledge about it. Even though you do not use WordPress, know what it is and how it works. You must also know the working mechanism of a website as it is the biggest market in the software industry.
So after completing the basic, you may redirect yourself into some specific fields.

2. Be Specific

Now that you are aware of the common trends in the market, choose some specific fields of IT. Collect all the basic requirements for your field. First, create a good schedule to learn and practice. Second, go through the various documentation, tutorials, and lectures and make increase more knowledge to that specific field. Finally, you will uplift your ranking and increase the possibility to get hired.

Furthermore, if your choice is to be a web designer than learn fundamentals of HTML and CSS first. Then practice several times and apply them to the next session. As well as, learn the colour combination, animation, proper font selection and basic vanilla JavaScript. By doing these you will be more specific on the topic.

3. Maintain Social Profile

For students or anyone in the field of Information Technology, they must have well managed social profile and some contributions as well. After you are specific of the field and have some knowledge contribute to the open source community. Maintain profile on:

  1. LinkedIn – It is considered as a digital CV.
  2. GitHub – It’s a place to place your work and maintain them.
  3. Stack Overflow – It’s a forum where you can place your problems and help others with their ideas.

Gradually, your profile’s standard increase and this can be a reference to show in the software companies. Software companies by looking at these profiles will place you as an intern or even with the job.

4. Update Yourself

Despite the fact that, technology is changing day by day. So, it’s a must for you to change and accommodate to the new technology. If you will adopt the change your knowledge will increase and your qualification level also increases. This is a good sign of anyone in the field of IT.

5.  Complete Project

You might know various technical information and ideas. But if you do not create a project then it will be quite hard in the competitive world. When you do any kind of project, you might face many difficulties and challenges. So, whatever you know, make a small or even bigger project from your understanding and finalize them. This will also act as the important reference for you in the CV.


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