Best Programming Languages to Learn:

In this post, I will talk about the best programming languages you should learn in 2018.I have found that many people and especially students want to know about the best programming languages they should learn.

This post was not based solely on my opinion. I researched a lot and I came up with these.

 Six best programming languages to learn in 2018.

Best programming languages to learn in 2018.

Best programming languages to learn in 2018.


1)JavaScript: Programmin languagesFirstly, JavaScript comes at number one position. It’s growing rapidly in the market. Previously, it was considered as a scripting language but today it is a full programming language. There are numerous numbers of frameworks which helps the developers a lot.

ReactJs, Vue Js, Angular JS, Angular 2, Emer Js, Meteor JS are very popular in the market. Since popularity is increasing day by day, JavaScript is the best programming language to learn in 2018.

2) Python:  Another isProgramming language Python, it is the most popular language. Most of the well-known companies around the world use python. It’s very easy to learn the codes are easy, clean and have a strong growing community. Various frameworks of python are very much in demand.

Web scrapping, data science, ethical hacking are the fields where python is gaining popularity. Even I learned Python, I think it is very easy to learn, the codes are easily organized and have past performance.

3) C#: FurthermoreC# is the object-oriented language based on the .NET framework. This is the most powerful language to learn. Almost every desktop application is built with c#. Frameworks of C# will help you to create a web application, software, android, ios and cross-platform applications.

The demand for c# in the market is very high. Microsoft uses C# as main programming language so it’s obvious that there are plenty of jobs for C#. Therefore, C# is the best programming language to learn in 2018.

4)Java: Programming LanguageAs a matter of fact, Java is very powerful programming language to learn. It is strong as well as a bit hard language to learn than others. It has a very strong community. You can create web applications, software, android, ios and cross-platform applications from Java.

Many banks, data centres, data mining company use Java as their main program. Therefore, is is the best programming language to learn.

5)PHP: Programming languageIn addition, PHP is the most common language in the world. It is a web-based language which is used to create web applications. It has the biggest dominance in the market, as almost 70-80% of the websites are build using Php. WordPress is the most powerful content management system for the web.

As the web is the biggest market in the world, PHP is the best language you should learn in 2018.

6) Swift: Programming languageLikewise, Swift is a go-to language, the winning language for iPhone, for iOS at this point.Even though there are really good solutions like C# to do cross-platform development using Xamarin and there’s a lot of cross-platform stuff, so many more apps are being developed on iOS and that’s kind of the flagship.

As a matter of fact, A lot of companies are developing that or they’re basically getting to the point now where they’re saying, “Hey, look. We’re going to do iOS and Android. We’re just going to do them and we’re not going to worry about any other platforms. We don’t worry about a cross-platform solution.”

Therefore, Swift is the great choice of programming IOS applications.

In the same fashion, this will help you to get an internship or even job in software companies in the market.

Source: StackOverflow, GitHub and Internet.

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