10 ways to stay healthy and fit all your life

As we all know that you are getting older day by day. We have a chance of getting health disease because of our busy schedules. So the question is How to stay healthy with very less effort?

Do you have any Health Issues or disease, if you have than comment below and follow simple steps to minimize them?


Well, I have plenty of experience with many patients. They all have a common problem, and that is no proper management.


So, to stay fit and healthy and be far from disease not down the following and apply them.

1) First, go to a doctor: 
Visit doctor regularly

Yes, I’m right. You might have some health issues without any sign. Some health problems reflect only after a serious illness. So, plan a regular checkup every six months or once a year. Doctors will find any problems if they exist and you can minimize disease like blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and liver problem. After a checkup, you will find a solution instantly to those problems. I can clarify you by  an example:

There is a person let us suppose his name Ram. Ram was around 35-38 when he was fit. He used to have blood pressure problem and  was very careless. He didnt follow docotor and had no control over health. Suddenly, Ram had a stroke and he lost his vision because of his high blood pressure.

So, the point is that. If Ram had a proper checkup with the doctor and took medicines on time, he would not lose vision.

Therefore, visit a doctor once in every six month which is the first step to become healthy.

2) Sleep:

Have a good sleep

Yes, sleep. Sleep is the second step you should take. For a healthy life, you must sleep at least 8 hours every night. Your body gets to rest from all the stress. Your muscles will relax and after appear sleep, you will be much more active.

According to the survey by WHO.  A person who sleeps 8 hours a day is found healthier than the one who sleeps less. So, make a fixed time for bed and to wake up in morning.

3) Maintain good habits:

Maintain good habit

Well, some of them at least.You are aware of what to do and what not to. So try to minimize them. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol daily, then reduce your dose in decrease the consumption day by day. In this way, you will have no adverse effects on health. In the same manner, maintain all your bad habits into good and this the optimal solution of a healthy life.


4) Exercise daily:


Even if you just get out for a walk a few times a week, exercise is very important for being fit and healthy. It helps your lungs, heart, stomach and maintains your posture. The person who walk ‘s 15 minutes every day has very fewer health issues. Concentration power increases. Your blood circulation gets maintained.

6) Eat good food:

eat food food

You should stop eating unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods are very dangerous in terms of health. Especially, junk foods are very harmful to the body. Your food should contain at least 50 % of vegetables. Taking plenty of vegetables will help you from constipation. Your haemorrhoids problem will improve if the food contains many vegetables. Avoid red meat, high calories products and drink plenty of fluids. Good food is the perfect sign to stay healthy.


7) Water:

drink good water


We all know that we must drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day. But the problem is we don’t take it seriously.We know that water is vital for your body.It drains the harmful particles from the body. If we drink water properly then we can remove health problems like uric acid, constipation,  blood pressure, even stones, and many more. Water also helps to cure mouth ulcer, cancers and allergies.

I have a simple solution for drinking plenty of water. Drink 180-200ml of water every hour. In this way, you will drink 2 litres already. Rest of the water will be supplied from the food you take in a day. By the same manner, you will stay healthy and remove your illness.

8) Express your Feelings:

express your feelings

Furthermore, Many people in the world have a problem with depression. They cannot share their feelings properly. If you share your problems and feelings than you will have less stress. Your comfort level will increase. As the mentality is the main factor of being healthy. The more strong mentally you are the more healthy you are. So, try to express your feelings and release the burden. This will help you concentrate on other tasks and your health status gets a good rank.

9) Travel and observe:

Travelling is fun isn’t it?

Comment which is your favourite place and where will you go next?

Look, by listening or reading about travelling, you mind is pleased.  It helps the person with depression. Travelling also helps you to admire many places.



As there are various places that have some magic in them. You will collect many experiences from travel. This will make you fresh and energetic. I consider travelling as a factor to stay healthy. The change is weather, lifestyle and place will create a very good impression on you and make you more positive and calm.



10) Fixed schedule:

Make a proper schedule

You must make a good schedule. The sleeping time, exercise time. eating time and working time must be constant. As a matter of fact, this will help your body to adjust properly. If you have a slight change in the schedule then your body will reflect. For example, if you don’t’ take food at a proper time, gastric will chase you very faster. Therefore, you must maintain the schedule for daily tasks to stay healthy.


Finally, drinking enough water, regular exercise, balanced diet, a proper schedule will help you to stay healthy longer and prevents you from diseases.

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