What actually is UI/UX?

First of all, UI/UX are totally different terms. UI stands for User Interface where UX stands for User Experience. However, they are both co-related. Take everything you see as user interface and everything you experience from that interface as user experience.

Let me elaborate it more with an example:

If you are a windows user and you want to hibernate your computer then you have two options as shown in the image below.

First Image:

Syntax to hibernate your computer in command prompt- UI/UX

The image with a black screen with few white texts is a command line interface and the syntax in the screen will hibernate the computer. However, you have to be pro enough to memorize the code.

Second Image:
user friendly interface to hibernate your computer in windows- UI/UX

In the same way, the next image consists of graphical icons and to hibernate you only have to click on the name.

Here, you all can see that the second image is more user-friendly and easy in comparison with the black screen.

So, a user interface is an important part of any system or product. This will help people to get more participated in the system.

Similarly, the placement of information over the display scale would be organized. If the hibernate button was very small then it would be difficult for the old peoples. Than comes UX. What is basically states that the component of the system should be easy to use and meaningful at the same time?

If you have to install any application on your phone then you just click the download button in the portal of play store. If you have to type some long lengthy URL in the browser to download than it won’t be helpful to the users.

So you have to consider following points as UI/UX developer and user:

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